As a parent, you make the most significant spiritual impact on your child. Committing to put God first through family devotional time, prayer time and regular church attendance is teaching your child about the importance of making God a priority. We want to partner with you as you teach your child about your own faith and what following Him looks like.

The Parent Cue App “cues” parents in on great times and talks about faith with their children. When you download the app you can see what your children are learning in church each week. The app also gives parents great activities to do as a family that pertains to the Bible stories taught to their children each week at The Heights! This is one of the best tools our church has in partnering with parents in the home to grow their children’s faith.

There are other resources available at the DIY Parent Resource table located in Tiny Town. There you will find information about the Parent Cue App, the Parent Cue newsletter, the monthly spotlight resource and other information related to preschoolers!

Click to download Parent Cue app