Living in community is very important! In a large church it is easy to slip in unnoticed and never really form the relationships that are necessary for living out God’s plan for us as far as being a part of a real community of believers. At The Heights, we connect best with others through LIFE Groups. It is in these small groups “where friends become family.”  Through LIFE Groups we experience individual spiritual growth, strengthening and support from others and we a sense of direction and purpose from God. We also develop new leaders from within these groups. Being connected in a Life Group is one of the first steps we desire to see each and every new member take.

Many of our LIFE Groups meet on-campus on Sunday Mornings. We have a large selection of different groups to choose from including stage of life and age groupings for all. All this information can be located online and at the information center in the concourse. The great thing about on-campus groups is that we have ongoing ministries for all members of the family going on at the same time. We encourage you to try several out and then create a habit of being a part of our group ministry.

We also offer off-campus LIFE Groups. We have groups meeting anytime and anywhere. These groups typically are smaller and meet on different days during the week. They offer the intimacy of meeting in someone’s homes and time to enjoy one another’s company along with a Bible Study.

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