Living in a Culture of Death:
A New Sermon Series at The Heights

Beginning Sunday, April 15

One of the most popular shows on Netflix last year was 13 Reasons Why. It is 13 reasons this young lady killed herself. Did you catch this was one of the most watched programs on all of Netflix? Three of the four largest mass casualties committed by an individual in American history have taken place in the last two years. Do we add to this discussion 64,000 drug overdoses in 2016, with 20,000 being related to opioids? That’s just one year. As our culture seems to thrive more and more on rage and anger, should we be surprised that death would follow? So what do we do? In this growing culture of death, we are going to understand our message of life. We will spend four weeks trying to unwrap this. “Four weeks!” I know, right! Do we really want four weeks of death and dying? Well, actually every single day is filled with death and dying and we are to be light and life. We carry the good news of hope. In this series we will look at suicide, murder, the death penalty, life and death, and the answer God has in all of it. We will see that the hope of heaven is our reason to keep living here.