Many of us have family in Houston and all of us have been overwhelmed by the “epic catastrophic” devastation we are witnessing. You are asking what we can do. We are looking into a variety of opportunities right now as the need will be great there for a while to come. One thing we always do is work with the Disaster Relief Ministry of the SBC. This is a large, effective ministry that is well known throughout the United States at these exact moments. This ministry feeds, clothes, cleans and does it all with the gospel. We are all seeing a variety of ways to give right now, and this is one of the very best. Consider donating to the cause in Houston by going to this site of the SBC of Virginia.

For details about Disaster Relief training please visit:

You may also follow news events published by the SBCV at the following link:

Follow what the SBCV is doing with Harvey through their Flickr album.