Our New Series Begins Sunday, April 23

Easter shows us a resurrection of life and hope. Is that just a cliché, something to tweet? I mean really, is there more life and hope on April 17 – the day after Easter, in a divided America, in a home being torn apart by addiction, for the person who is not even sure they believe in God? Easter did not put the world in a new Easter dress and bonnet. The world is still quite messy and quite the killer of hope. What Easter does though is give the follower of Christ a new power and perspective to find answers, to find life and hope.

April 23: See how Easter changes our view of God, which affects our outlook on everything in life.

April 30: See the impact of the cross on our relationships and how we approach those, especially where there has been hurt.

May 7: See how the resurrection changes our view of the world and how we approach it; which seems kind of significant since everyone seems angrier and angrier about the world in which they live.

Join us for After the Cross. It makes all the difference.

Get Connected!

Here at The Heights, one of our core values is Living in Community. We express that value each week as we gather in small groups, which we call Life Groups. Over the next three weeks our Life Groups are hosting fun, family-friendly “Get Connected” events.

  • Sunday, April 23
    Today you’ll notice Life Group members wearing their “Life Is Better Connected” t-shirts as a reminder that life really is better when you are connected to a community of growing believers. Feel free to ask anyone in a red t-shirt what class they’re in and what they like about it.
  • Sunday, April 30
    As you enter our Colonial Heights Campus, enjoy some beautiful chalk art along with plenty of hot coffee and donuts. This will be a fun morning for the family.
  • Sunday, May 7
    Following the services, we’re going to have a Party on the Grounds of our Colonial Heights Campus. Join us for lots of games, inflatables, outrageous contests, and even a corn hole tournament! Bring a lawn chair and enjoy the fun and food.